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I’m Sara, a passionate and creative individual on the lookout for my first full-time design position. Currently, I’m honing my skills and gaining valuable experience as a marketing coordinator, where I’ve had the opportunity to blend my love for design with strategic mar- keting efforts. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a knack for innovative solutions, I’m eager to embark on a new chapter in my career, applying my expertise to create compelling visual experiences. Let’s collaborate and bring your ideas to life!
Originally hailing from Gatineau, I decided to take a bold step towards my passion for design by relocating to Montreal. This vibrant city not only offers a rich landscape of graphic design opportuni- ties but also provides the perfect backdrop for me to immerse myself in a new linguistic adventure— mastering French as my fourth language. Embrac- ing challenges has always been my forte, and this journey exemplifies my determination to excel in both my professional pursuits and personal growth. I’m excited to bring this newfound linguistic and cultural dimension to my design endeavors, ensuring a fresh and dynamic perspective in every project.
As a designer, I find my truest expression in storytelling through visuals. Each project I undertake is an opportunity to weave a narrative, to bring a concept to life in a way that resonates deeply with its audience. Art, for me, transcends mere aesthetics; it is a language that speaks beyond words, con- necting people on a visceral level. It’s this power, this ability to evoke emotions and provoke thoughts, that fuels my passion for design. I strive to create experiences that leave a lasting impres- sion, that not only com- municate but also captivate. Let’s embark on a creative journey together, where every design is a story waiting to be told.
In May 2024, I proudly graduated from John Abbott College, equipped with a strong foundation in design principles and a drive to make a meaningful impact in the field. Beyond design, my creative spirit finds solace in painting and photography, hobbies that allow me to explore different dimen- sions of visual expression. If you’re interested in delving deeper into my professional background, feel free to check out my online portfolio https://www.behance.net/Sara-Ahmad. Let’s connect on LinkedIn as well https://ww- w.linkedin.com/in/ahmad-sara/, where you can get a closer look at my jour- ney and stay updated on my latest ventures. I look forward to connecting with fellow creatives and potential collaborators alike!